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The Bahamas - The Ultimate Valentines Day Getaway

Ah, the Bahamas - the perfect destination for a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend! Picture turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and tropical vibes. Here are some amazing activities you can enjoy during your Valentine's getaway in the Bahamas:

1. Sunset Beach Stroll

Take a leisure stroll hand in hand alongside the breathtaking beaches of the Bahamas. The golden hues of setting sun, gentle waves, and warm ocean breeze creates an ideal atmosphere for love birds. Why not take a photo to commemorate such a grand occasion, while in the distance capturing what little gleam of light left. Junkanoo Beach is a famous place in Nassau to take a beautiful walk. Enjoy the light of the sun, while smelling the local mouth watering delicacies (why not get a drink while you're at it here).

2. Private Island Picnics

photo courtesy of: Rosewood Baha Mar

Escape to one of the secluded islands nearby and indulge in a romantic picnic for two. Enjoy fresh tropical fruits, decadent chocolates, and chilled bubbly while basking in the beauty of the Caribbean. Learn about exciting islands where people thrive all while taking in the fresh air and sea mist. A couple of islands I would suggest are both Eleuthera and Harbor Island.

Harbor Island is a small island that you can only get to by boat. An island is brimming with so much nightlife and talented musicians. There are many places around the beaches you can shop, eat, and relax. You can make it around town via walking or definitely ride in one of the golf carts, the most popular mode of transportation (you'll find a golf-cart parking lot everywhere you go).

Eleuthera is more of a serene, with it's calming vibe. Stay at a Villa where you're walking distance from the beach, where the majestic waters bring out the shimmer of the pink sands. There is only one main road on Eleuthera so please drive carefully and responsibly if you are a true adventure bug. A major gem on this island is called the Glass Bridge. This bridge is known for having a stunning feature that truly takes your breath away. One side is as calm as the beaches you would love to swim in (but should not), however on the opposite side lies the roar of the Atlantic Ocean. 

3. Snorkeling Adventure

Dive into the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas and discover the vibrant marine life beneath the surface. Explore colorful coral reefs hand and hand with your loved one, making a moment that will last forever. Adventure down to a shipwrecked boat, or even see if you can literally feed a shark (believe me, I’ve personally done it).

4. Candle Light Dinner

photo courtesy of: Four Seasons Ocean Club

Treat your partner to a memorable candlelit dinner on the beach. With the sounds of gentle waves and flickering candle light, savor delicious seafood delicacies while toasting to your love and creating everlasting memories. You can pick a restaurant that's already on the beach - my favorite place to go with my wife is Marcus Up Top for an outdoor setting, and freshly prepared dishes with a Pan-African flare. Alternatively, you can arrange a private candle lit dinner at your host hotel by reaching out to your concierge, or using a travel advisor to make the arrangements for you ahead of time.

5. Couples Spa Day

photo courtesy of: Rosewood Baha Mar

Pamper yourselves with a couples spa day, where the relaxation and rejuvenation are one in the same. Indulge in soothing massages, invigorating facials, and luxurious treatments, leaving you both feeling refreshed and renewed.

Whether you’re walking hand in hand on the beach, exploring the vibrant marine life, or simply each other’s company, a Valentine’s Day weekend in the Bahamas promises to be a truly magical experience. and the ultimate Valentines day experience. So why wait? Plan your romantic getaway to this tropical paradise and dive into the most exciting memories of your lifetime!


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