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Our Story

Since inception, our vision has been to inspire and ignite a passion for travel. As enthusiastic explorers, we have always been mesmerized by the world's beauty and the diverse cultures it holds. With each adventure, we have realized the transformative power of travel, and this belief motivates us to share our experiences with you. We launched our travel company with the purpose of giving back to the communities that inspired us, challenged our thoughts, and opened our minds. We believe that there is no greater way to give back than by bringing our friends, family, and clients along on this journey of exploring what the world has to offer while supporting our destination communities and economies. Through our stories, insights, tips, and inspiration, we hope to assist you in embarking on your life-changing adventures. We hope that with our service offerings, you can discover hidden gems, relish local cuisines, and create unforgettable memories.

How We Got Here 

During our personal journey of exploring the world, we noticed that the luxury travel market lacked diversity, representation, and socially conscious experiences. As passionate travelers, we often had to choose between socially responsible experiences and luxurious ones. We realized the need for a travel company that offered both luxurious experiences and prioritized authenticity and social responsibility. This realization, coupled with our love for travel, led us to establish our own travel company. Our aim is to provide the best of both worlds to those who journey with us.

Why I fell in love

with Traveling

I was never much of a traveler in the early years of my life. My understanding of the world was confined to the Lower East Side, which, although it was a melting pot, afforded me minimal experiences. Outside of the five New York boroughs, the furthest I had ventured out to was Colerain, North Carolina, to spend summers with my father’s side of the family. When the optimal time came for me to travel abroad, I did so kicking and screaming. Not literally, but I didn’t understand the fascination others had about leaving America. I was so used to the 9 to 9 grind of the city, which consumed my thought process and gave me a tunnel vision of life.

My wife, Olivia, guided me through obtaining my first-ever passport, and then we were off on my first adventure abroad. While initially hesitant, once immersed in the whole experience, I began to see the world differently; a light bulb ignited in me, I felt my shoulders relax, and my worries faded. A sudden urge and curiosity took hold, followed by a multitude of questions. What fun we could get into? What is out there to learn? What do various cultures, people, and communities do? How do they live? It’s still a breathtaking experience reminiscing on the many trips I’ve taken and the places and things I’ve done. From washing elephants to meeting indigenous tribes, I still crave more. Above all, I have my wife to thank for this and so much more. 


Much Love,


Why I'm Obsessed with

Creating Unforgettable


I have been obsessed with travel, tourism, and hospitality since I was six years old. I know that might seem young, but let me explain. At six, I took my first flight from Georgetown, Guyana, in South America, to London, England, in Europe. Even though I was nervous about flying without my mum, the Air Hostesses took great care of me and made it an unforgettable experience. They impressed me (and I was a tough kid). 

By the time I was ten, I helped my Nana book our first trip back to Guyana since I left. It was quite an adventure. I booked the flights, accommodations, and transfers for Guyana and our extended stopover in Trinidad, which gave us a two-for-one experience. Seeing my designed itinerary come to life felt so rewarding.

At fifteen, I moved to North America and later studied Travel and Tourism. My teacher, Ms. Sheffler, encouraged me to explore cultures, curate experiences, plan itineraries, and even recreate key destination attractions in 3D form. Since then, I've never stopped. I love traveling, and even more, I enjoy bringing others along on the journey. 

My travel blueprint has been inspired by the many fascinating destinations I've read about and been fortunate enough to visit in real life. From the gorgeous seaside landscapes of Cinque Terre in Italy to the biblical city of Ephesus in Türkiye, the exotic beaches and flavorful cuisine of Phuket, Thailand, the vibrancy of Ghana, to the unmatched hospitality of the Bahamas, and many more. 

My years of experience in curating unforgettable travel experiences for my friends, family, and clients have allowed me to gain extensive knowledge on creating personalized travel experiences that cater to every need, turn travel visions into reality, and exceed expectations. 

With Love,


Our Mission

We believe that luxury travel should be a transformative experience that allows our clients to not only indulge in opulence, but also give back. Our mission is to create exceptional experiences that allow our clientele to discover, enjoy, and contribute to the destinations they visit. With our commitment to embedding social responsibility in everything we do, we are redefining travel for a new generation of adventurers.

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